Open House Postcards: Earn More Listings

If you ask 100 real estate agents their feelings about Open Houses, the responses will range from love to loathe, and everything in-between. Regardless of personal preference, Real estate agents can create a variety of lead-generating opportunities for both future listings and future buyers when they host an Open House.

Marketing an Open House is just as important as hosting one, and the right strategy will maximize your brand recognition and will impress your listing clients. In addition to the standard marketing practices (email blasts, Facebook events, Open House signs, etc.), sending open house postcards should be at the top of the to-do list for any agent.

What Should Be on Open House Postcards?

Marketing real estate listings starts with high-quality photos. Postcards for open house events should clearly display the dates and times in a prominent location, preferably near the best photos of your listing. 

Make sure the price of the home and the listing address are easy to find. Peripheral information can be listed as bullet points to keep the layout organized. For example, this can include the number of bathrooms and bedrooms or key features.

The best image of the home can take the prime spot on the open house postcard, but don’t forget to place your headshot in a conspicuous position as well.

The client should be able to glance at your photograph and clearly see contact information close to it. This includes your email, phone number and website. This is also the best space to add a QR code. Client testimonials can be helpful for generating interest, but keep them brief and right to the point.

When Should You Send Your Postcards?

Postcards can be sent out to your target market at any time. They should display the date of the event in a prominent position for the best results. Once you know the date, make sure all of the other relevant information is also clearly displayed on the open house postcards.

It’s not uncommon to send out these postcards twice in order to try to garner some extra attention from neighbors and others in the community. While some homeowners will see both real estate postcards you send, you increase your chances of at least one postcard being seen by multiple mailers. Try to get the best exposure from sending out these postcards every time you host an open house event.

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Keys to a Successful Open House

There are a few things to consider for every successful open house. This includes the items listed below, but you should also keep in mind that greeting and making farewells are social graces that should be practiced.

Don’t hesitate to study the list of names and faces of the people likely to attend. If you’re able to greet each person with familiarity, your event will be more successful. Study any interesting details of the clients, so you can engage in conversation, but avoid being invasive.

Provide Marketing Materials Near the Entrance

Make sure to place plenty of high-quality real estate brochures and other marketing materials near the door. As your prospective clients enter and leave, they should have the option of taking some of these materials with them for reference. This should also include business cards and any listing information that might apply.

You can also place these materials in a care package that includes chocolates and gifts, if it seems appropriate. Buyers might seem aloof at the time, but these materials do convey a level of professionalism that can make an impact. Future clients might keep these materials handy if they’ve been thinking about listing their home. Treat every person as a potential future lead, and your event will set the right tone.

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Include a Sign-In Sheet

Include a sign-in sheet in your open house preparation. This is an important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. The quality of the paper and the presentation actually do make a difference in how people react. Visitors are more likely to sign up if other people have already put their names on the list, so try to get these first lines populated as soon as possible.

The sign-in sheet should be placed close to the brochures and other marketing materials in an orderly fashion. The QR code is an option if you prefer to use a digital sign-in sheet. Ask specifically for emails, so you can keep clients updated about any new listings or special offers.

Be Prepared to Answer Any Questions

Prospective buyers and sellers will know that you’re a professional when you readily answer their questions. Rehearse the answers to the most common questions, and make sure that your presentation is clear and confident. There’s nothing wrong with keeping an itemized list of detailed specifications close by.

If someone asks a question about a certain room, you will look very professional by having the answer readily available. Make sure you collect all of the relevant information about the house. This should include the year it was built, the general condition, any upgrades, repair history and other relevant details. It’s helpful to commit some of the most common details to memory, and have this fact sheet ready.

Following Up After an Open House

Sending postcards is a first step in creating the foundation for a relationship with a prospective client. Since this process can take time, the open house should be seen as an opportunity to build the groundwork. This means that you should carefully consider the option of doing follow-up activities after the open house event.

This can include sending out thank-you emails with a gentle reminder of how to make an offer. This email can include the number of current offers on the home, which creates the motivation for interested buyers to make their offer right away.

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Contact Everyone on Your Sign-In Sheet

Contacting everyone on the sign-in sheet is the basis for establishing an open line of communication. Everyone who puts their information on your sign-in sheet should get a follow-up email or phone call. This is also helpful when you need to determine who is a buyer and who is a seller. If the person has a specific timeline of when to buy or sell a property, make sure that this information is received.

As a matter of courtesy, these emails should allow them to opt out of future notifications. By choosing to remain on the email list, you can be more certain that you’re providing information that is relevant and interesting to this group of people. Always interact with the most interested people, but make sure that your communications are relevant. No one wants spam in their inbox.

Send Under Contract and Just Sold Postcards

There are other types of notifications that work just as well as open house postcards. This includes Under Contract postcards and a Just Sold postcard and Under Contract postcards. These are helpful for demonstrating proof of production to your real estate farm. This serves as a reminder that you are the real estate expert in their area. And, when they decide to sell their home, they will reach out to the expert.

They are more likely to work with someone who seems familiar, so make sure to send out these postcards regularly. If you want to send a generic postcard to your Sphere of Influence, you can also send a Holiday postcard

Benefits of Open House Postcards

Open house postcards enable real estate agents to present their most professional side to potential buyers. The layout design positions the agent as an expert on particular services.

Establish your presence in the community, and showcase your knowledge while giving prospective clients a real glimpse of the homes you’re in the business of showing.

The best practices for design and layout can be created from templates that enable your business to maximize your real estate farming skills. Beyond the open house postcards, make sure that you present the property in a professional and immaculate manner.

Hosting an open house is essentially a social event, so try to be creative, and find ways to make it memorable and interesting. Following up with informative emails and new listings will help you to establish an open line of communication.

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