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Our New Year’s Postcards encapsulate the essence of celebration and renewal, offering a perfect blend of festive exuberance and sophistication to leave a lasting impression. These meticulously designed 6×9 postcards are tailored specifically for real estate agents seeking to infuse the holiday spirit into their client interactions. Explore the magic of New Year with our thoughtfully curated templates, each going beyond mere greetings to evoke a sense of joy and anticipation.

Forge stronger connections and spread cheer with personalized New Year wishes. Our postcards feature elegant designs that ensure you stand out in your community and farming area, fostering deeper client relationships. With all-inclusive pricing covering printing, mailing, and postage, we offer a seamless solution for agents to engage with their audience.

Integrate our New Year’s Postcards into your marketing campaigns, including Just Listed, Just Sold, Under Contract, Open House, and Market Update to enhance your outreach efforts. By doing so, not only do you reinforce your market presence, but you also demonstrate professionalism and gratitude.

Embrace the spirit of the New Year and leave a memorable impression on your clients and prospects with our New Year’s Postcards. Choose our postcards this holiday season to spread warmth and forge meaningful connections. Order now and turn this festive period into an opportunity for celebration, filled with the promise and optimism of a new beginning.

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Professional New Years Postcard Templates: Easily Customizable in Your Browser

We have hundreds of New Years real estate postcard templates and other real estate postcard designs to choose from.

We mail jumbo full-color 6×9 postcards that are sure to grab attention. Because our system starts with a professional quality Adobe InDesign template (what the pros use), you get the ease of modifying in your browser, without sacrificing professionalism and sophistication.

Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking

Our extremely simple proprietary tracking system allows you to track every postcard as they pass through the USPS system so you know when they get delivered. If you’re mailing on behalf of someone else, they can even have their own login to track just their campaigns.

Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking
List Builder

Use Our List Builder or Upload Your Own List

Need a mailing list? Our simple mailing list builder makes it easy to create lists for New Years postcards based on the radius around an address, the subdivision name (where available), or draw a polygon on a map.

Alternatively, upload your own farm or sphere of influence lists and then select which lists you’d like to include in the New Years postcard mailing. You can even save a “do not mail” list to automatically remove those addresses from future just sold, just listed, other proof of production or farm mailings if you choose.

We’ll scrub and update your list according to the USPS National Change of Address database so that your postcards are getting delivered to the homeowner, even if they’ve moved out of the home or are gone for the season.

Automated Seller Valuation templates pair perfectly with New Years Postcard mailings

Whether it’s a New Years postcard mailing, a general farm mailing, or a holiday card, our automated seller valuation postcards allow you to mail postcards with unique links or QR codes for recipients to find out how much their home is worth.

Each link is unique to the address and the system captures the recipient’s email address so you know who is requesting seller valuations. Follow-up with homeowners that have requested seller valuations to obtain listing appointments by offering a more accurate in-person valuation

Automated Seller Valuation Templates

Additional Services Offerings and Pricing

Yes, all of our real estate postcard templates are just 94¢ per postcard which includes printing, postage, and mailing!

Automatic Seller Valuations

Automatic Seller Valuations

5¢ Additional Per Postcard
First Class Mail

First Class Mail

23¢ Additional Per Postcard
Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

10¢ Per Address
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What’s Included

Best of Both Worlds

We have hundreds of New Years postcard templates to choose from or you can provide your own design

Postcard Tracking

Easily track your postcard campaigns and see when pieces are delivered. Provide others with the ability to track mail pieces

List Management

Upload lists and select which lists to include with each New Years postcard mailing campaign. No list? Use our simple list building tool

Always Up To Date Lists

We Utilize the USPS NCOA Link database to update addresses on every postcard or other real estate mailing

No Minimum Order Qty

We know it seems too good to be true, but our proprietary system allows us to fulfill New Years mailer postcard orders of all sizes

Pre-Schedule Mailings

Create New Years or other postcard mailings and schedule them to go out in the future so that you can be consistent.

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