Automated Seller Valuation Postcards

Learn this unique real estate postcard is both popular and effective

Consistent Source of Listings

Automated Seller Valuations are one of our most popular products for real estate agents trying to generate listing leads through consistent mailing of a real estate farm. Not only do our ASV postcards offer a variety of incredible designs, they allow a true set-it-and-forget-it mailing option, as nothing that needs to be updated for each mailing.

Sending automated seller valuation system works like this:

  1. You upload or purchase a mailing list
  2. You customize the template you’d like to mail
  3. You schedule those mailings to go out automatically

That’s it! The postcards will automatically go out each month to the homeowners.

Get Immediate Leads

Once the recipient receives the postcard:

1. They scan the QR code or go to the URL on the card
2. You are instantly notified via email
3. They are prompted to enter their email to receive the valuation
4. They receive an email with a link to see a high, medium, and low valuation

Note: The instant valuation is nothing more than a reason for the real estate agent to call the homeowner and offer them a true CMA of what their home is worth.

Automated Seller Valuation Postcards are incredibly awesome because they provide a consistent basis of leads, consistent messaging, and are truly turnkey postcards that you can set and forget but be assured that your real estate farm is being touched at least once per month.
We recommend that any real estate farming campaign utilize one of our subscription packages and includes pre-set automated seller valuation postcards that go out each and every month.

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Why our Real Estate ASV Postcards are Effective

More Leads, Less Door Knocking

Would you rather spend your time knocking on doors and cold-calling prospects, or just spend 30 minutes a month mailing an ASV postcard and having potential sellers call you. Wise Pelican makes this a reality

Clever Designs that Get Noticed

Whether it’s our Cute Animals or Cute Kids ASV Postcard Templates, we offer an Automated Seller Valuation Postcard design that is sure to catch the attention of your prospects.

Designed with Conversion at the Forefront

Our ASV postcard templates are created in-house with the busy real estate agent in mind. No cookie-cutter designs here.

It’s All About ROI

Hear About Others Return on Investment

Whether it’s a 100% Response Rate or a 330% ROI, the Case Studies below demonstrate how postcards are a great way to generate leads and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Automated Seller Valuation Postcards cost the same as standard postcards?

No. Automated Seller Valuation Postcards cost an additional 5 cents per postcard.

Does the price include postage?

Yes. You also have the option to upgrade to first class postage or have them shipped to you.

Am I responsible for mailing the postcards?

Nope, we do it all!

Can I have all of the postcards mailed to me?

Yes, for a lower price per piece we can print and mail to you.

What size are the Postcards?

We mail super jumbo 6″ x 9″ postcards.

Do you offer Custom Template Designs?

Yes, our incredibly experienced and awesome design team can create a custom postcard design for just $79. 

Can I use my own design?

Yes! You can use our guide to ensure that your design meets our specifications.

Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes we do! You can create a custom mailing list based on the radius around an address, by selecting subdivisions, or by drawing a polygon on a map. The price for each address is 10¢.

Access the tool by clicking here.