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Enhance your real estate marketing campaigns with the precision and effectiveness of our Real Estate List Builder. At Wise Pelican, we recognize that the cornerstone of any impactful real estate direct mail campaign lies in a meticulously curated mailing list. Our Real Estate List Builder is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry, providing you with a targeted approach to reach potential clients.

Our intuitive platform is tailored for real estate professionals, offering flexible and precise list-building options. Whether you’re targeting a specific neighborhood radius, customizing an area with polygon drawing, or selecting particular subdivisions, our tool ensures that your campaign connects with the right audience. This targeted approach is crucial for maximizing the response rate and overall success of your real estate marketing efforts.

With the purchase of a mailing list from Wise Pelican, you’ll enjoy the convenience of easy updates. A single click refreshes your list, ensuring that your contacts are current and relevant for ongoing or future campaigns.

We’re committed to the accuracy and deliverability of your mailing lists. Each list undergoes thorough verification against the National Change of Address Database and is CASS certified with the USPS. This rigorous process guarantees that your direct mail reaches its intended recipients, enhancing the efficiency of your campaigns.

Beyond standard residential lists, we offer comprehensive solutions for more specialized real estate needs. Whether you require commercial mailing lists or niche lists featuring specific demographic filters, our Real Estate List Builder is equipped to accommodate. Our team at Wise Pelican is ready to assist you in crafting a list that perfectly aligns with your real estate marketing objectives. Let our Real Estate List Builder be the foundation of your successful direct mail strategy, driving your real estate business forward.



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About our Mailing Lists

Utilizing the latest property, lending, and third-party data, Wise Pelican users can swiftly generate mailing lists fulfilled instantly. The initial step in acquiring a mailing list involves identifying the geographical location desired.

Users have the flexibility to choose the geographic location for their mailing list based on:

  • The radius around a specific address
  • Subdivision (where applicable)
  • Drawing a polygon on a map

The size of the mailing list can be easily customized based on the desired mailing area. Real-time mailing list counts are accessible, even when utilizing our polygon tool.

For real estate agents seeking a mailing list, the Mailing List Pro tool offers additional benefits. With this tool, users can view turnover rates for the neighborhood they’ve outlined in a polygon. The Mailing List Pro tool is available through a separate subscription or bundled with certain packages.

Mailing List Pro

Mailing List Pro provides a groundbreaking feature allowing users to search data based on advanced filters. For real estate agents, the ability to instantly assess turnover rates is revolutionary. This unique tool empowers agents to compare potential mailing areas swiftly, facilitating the identification of locations with the highest return on investment. Mailing List Pro stands out as an unparalleled resource in the realm of mailing lists, offering a distinctive tool that sets it apart from other platforms in the market.

Real Estate Mailing List
Real Estate Maling List

Unmatched Accuracy and Deliverability

Wise Pelican takes the accuracy and deliverability of your direct mail campaigns to new heights. Our real estate mailing list builder tool ensures your messages reach their intended recipients by verifying every list against the National Change of Address Database and achieving CASS certification with the USPS. This meticulous process guarantees your postcards are delivered accurately, even if recipients have moved or are temporarily away. Our platform also allows you to maintain a “do not mail” list, providing the flexibility to exclude specific addresses from your campaigns, ensuring respect for recipient preferences.

Opting for Wise Pelican means seamless direct mail campaigns characterized by unmatched accuracy and deliverability, letting you focus on your business growth with confidence.

Mailing List Pro Filters

Wise Pelican provides a suite of targeted filters for crafting specialized mailing lists. For those with a subscription, the platform offers advanced filters to enhance precision in marketing campaigns.

Subscribers can refine their audience based on

  • Occupancy status
  • Property transaction dates
  • Detailed property characteristics such as estimated value and homeowner equity.

Additionally, filters for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are available, allowing for an even more granular approach to list customization. This level of detail in audience segmentation is particularly useful for real estate agents to get maximum return on investment by connecting with homeowners that are most likely to list their homes.

Real Estate Mailing List

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