USPS EDDM: Top Reasons REALTORS Should Avoid It

Are you curious about the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service? Have you been using the service and wondering if it’s effective for your business? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use USPS EDDM.

What is USPS EDDM?

First, let’s take a look at what this service is and what it does. USPS EDDM is a service that allows you to blanket an entire mail carrier route with business postcards at a discounted rate.

This type of saturation mailing aims to hit every residence in a neighborhood. But there are some qualifications your mailing needs to meet:

  • Your postcard must be larger than 6.125” by 11.5” and smaller than 12” x 15”
  • The mailing must go to zip codes with USPS door-to-door routes
  • The mailing must also be at least 200 pieces and at least one complete carrier route
  • The EDDM mailing must be 5,000 or fewer postcards per day

Let’s talk about some reasons why the USPS EDDM may not be helpful for your business.

It’s More Difficult to Reach a Target Market

While the EDDM service is a good choice for those trying to canvas a specific geographic area with a product or service that will be beneficial to the residents in the area, there’s no way to target specific recipients.

EDDM could potentially be beneficial for certain industries like restaurants, local retailers and services like dentistry, auto repair, salons, and moving and storage businesses. It can also help spread the word if you are a new business in a smaller or close-knit community, but if you are looking for customers in specific demographics by age, income, industry, or other segments, EDDM is probably not for you.

Successful marketing campaigns don’t just rely on a great message – they also need to find the right audience. If your business is looking for people in their 20s to 30s who like to travel, for instance, a residence-based EDDM campaign is going to reach a lot of people, but only a small percentage of those reached will be good leads.

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It Can Be a Waste of Money

The US Data Corporation has a great table that breaks down the cost of EDDM versus a limited and targeted mail marketing approach. When you are looking for the best potential customers, targeted marketing is nearly always more effective than a larger blanket campaign.

While the postage costs go down when you use the EDDM service, you can still lose money very easily. Think of it this way: buying in bulk is always cheaper per item, but if you aren’t reaching the right people with your message, you’ve just wasted a ton of money in materials, lists, printing, and more.

There’s No Personalization

Because EDDM is created to be a non-targeted, canvassing service, you can’t personalize your message by household or potential customer. You have to send the exact same postcard, with not even so much as a name or address on it.

Personalization is a strong addition to any marketing campaign. Without some indication that the postcard was meant for a specific household or person, your mail is more easily discarded.

High Potential for Delivery Delays

While EDDM delivery times can be as short as a day or two after you drop your postcards off at the post office, there’s no guarantee of that.

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