Kelly Pedersen of Coldwell Banker Premier’s Stellar Rise with Wise Pelican

Kelly Pedersen’s strategic employment of Wise Pelican has catapulted her real estate career to new heights within a mere two-year timeframe, securing high-value leads including a notable inquiry for a $1.5 million property. Leveraging personalized postcards has dramatically boosted her brand presence and lead generation efforts. Focusing on the retiree demographic and spearheading events like the community-favorite ice cream social, Kelly has significantly amplified her community engagement and visibility. These targeted strategies have markedly enhanced her operational efficiency and ROI, demonstrating the formidable impact of Wise Pelican’s marketing tools on real estate triumph.

Explosive Lead Generation and Stellar Listings

Kelly’s innovative approach to marketing, featuring personalized postcards, has supercharged her lead generation, leading to significant interactions with high-value property owners. This tactic has been instrumental in securing lucrative listings, including an exceptional $1.5 million property, showcasing the undeniable power of direct mail in magnetizing top-tier leads.

Building a Trusted Brand: Community Engagement Mastery

Through consistent and personalized postcard mailings, Kelly has not only embedded her brand in the community’s consciousness but also established herself as a dependable and recognized real estate authority in her area. Her initiative to engage the community through events, notably the ice cream social, has further solidified her relationship with local residents, turning neighbors into potential clients and elevating her brand to new levels of trust and recognition.

Precision Targeting: Marketing with Impact

Kelly’s sharp focus on engaging her community’s retiree segment through direct mail underscores the efficacy of Wise Pelican’s targeted marketing tools. This approach has yielded superior personalized service and operational agility, highlighting the strategic advantage of addressing specific market demographics for enhanced business outcomes.

Launch Your Own Wise Pelican Success Story

Transform your real estate marketing approach and achieve unprecedented success like Kelly Pedersen. Whether leading a large team, working solo, or somewhere in between, Wise Pelican’s direct mail postcards offer a proven path to enhancing your ROI. Sign up for a free account today and explore our vast selection of exquisite postcard templates, ready to elevate your real estate marketing game.

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Does the price include postage?

Yes, all postcards include standard class postage. First class can be purchased for a charge

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The price includes postage and us mailing the postcards for you

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Yes, you can choose "print and ship" when ordering your postcards

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We mail super jumbo 6" tall x 9" wide postcards.

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Yes, we can create a custom postcard design for just $79.

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Yes! You can use our guide to ensure that your design meets our specifications.

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Yes we do! You can create a custom mailing list based on the radius around an address, by selecting subdivisions, or by drawing a polygon on a map. The price for each address is 10¢.

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