Chad & Jen Beasley of eXp Realty’s Strategic Wins with Wise Pelican

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Chad and Jen Beasley’s utilization of Wise Pelican’s innovative Polygon tool has revolutionized their marketing strategy, propelling them to capture six significant listings and showcasing the power of precision targeting in real estate. By honing their campaigns to the suburbs of Birmingham with unmatched accuracy, they’ve not only maximized their ROI but also firmly established themselves as the go-to realtors within their meticulously chosen communities. This strategic refinement has considerably elevated their market presence and credibility, underscoring the effectiveness of targeted, high-quality postcards in building trust and rapport. Furthermore, the comprehensive support from Wise Pelican has streamlined their marketing endeavors, enhancing efficiency and allowing a deeper focus on core activities like forging client relationships and closing deals.

Precision Targeting: A Game Changer

The Beasleys’ adoption of the Polygon tool for ultra-specific targeting has directly resulted in securing six listings, a clear testament to the critical role of targeted marketing in real estate success. This approach allowed them to communicate the right message to the right audience, significantly reducing marketing expenses while enhancing effectiveness.

Boosting ROI with Focused Strategies

By concentrating their efforts on specific neighborhoods within Birmingham suburbs, Chad and Jen have seen a remarkable increase in their returns, achieving significant commissions. This targeted campaign strategy has not only improved their ROI but also showcased the potential for substantial earnings through well-executed marketing plans.

Establishing Dominance in Target Markets

Their deliberate targeting efforts have catapulted the Beasleys to the top of their real estate market. This enhanced presence within selected communities has cemented their reputation as leading realtors, a status complemented by the trust and credibility they’ve built through their marketing practices.

Streamlining Marketing for Greater Impact

The comprehensive support from Wise Pelican, coupled with the precision of the Polygon tool, has made their marketing operations more efficient. This efficiency has shifted their focus towards building lasting relationships and securing successful transactions, marking a significant advancement in their real estate careers.

Start Your Wise Pelican Success Story

Embrace the path laid by Chad and Jen Beasley and unlock the potential of Wise Pelican’s direct mail postcards to amplify your ROI, leads, and listings. Regardless of your team size, Wise Pelican delivers an arsenal of marketing tools designed to propel your real estate marketing to new heights. Create your free account now and explore our diverse collection of premium postcard templates, crafted to accelerate your path to real estate marketing success.

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What does the postcard price include?

Our letter pricing includes printing your letter on high-quality paper, inserting the letters into envelopes, stamping them, and mailing them to your targeted list.

Am I responsible for mailing the letters?

No, we take care of the entire mailing process for you. From printing and inserting to stamping and mailing, we handle everything to ensure your letters reach your targeted audience seamlessly.

Can I have all of the letters mailed to me?

Yes, we can send all the printed letters directly to you if you prefer to distribute them yourself.

Can I track the delivery of my letters?

Yes, we provide tracking options to give you peace of mind and proof of delivery for your mailings.

How quickly can I get my letters mailed out?

Once you finalize your design and letter, we can have your letters printed and mailed within 2-3 business days.

Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes we do! You can create a custom mailing list based on the radius around an address, by selecting subdivisions, or by drawing a polygon on a map. The price for each address is 10¢.

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