Direct Mail Letters for Real Estate

Real Letters in real envelopes with real stamps designed for realtors

Real Estate Letters Mailed for You

Real estate letters enable targeted marketing with customized content, establishing trust and credibility. Consistency in using these letters builds brand awareness, associating your name with real estate expertise. They have higher response rates compared to other forms of advertising due to their personalized and engaging nature.

Real estate letters provide valuable information on market updates, local trends, buyer/seller tips, and neighborhood insights, and proof of production (just listed letters / just sold letters) positioning you as a knowledgeable resource and further enhancing credibility.

Wise Pelican’s real estate letters can be beneficial for several reasons:


Enables targeted marketing by customizing content to address specific needs, resonating with potential buyers or sellers.


Offers a personalized approach, establishing a direct connection with potential clients for enhanced trust and credibility compared to mass advertising methods.


Builds brand awareness in your target market, making your name memorable and associated with real estate expertise.


Campaigns generated in under an hour that you can setup once and have done for the whole year (or more!)


Return address and addresses are written in a handwritten font


Real, live stamps (standard class or first class)


One sheet of paper with the option of having a front and back with full color on both sides

Remember, the effectiveness of real estate letters depends on various factors such as the quality of content, target audience selection, timing, and consistency. 

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Why Our Real Estate Letters are Effective

More Leads, Less Door Knocking

Would you rather spend your time knocking on doors and cold-calling prospects, or just spend 30 minutes a month mailing a letter and having potential sellers call you. We make this a reality!

Impactful Letters that Get You Noticed

We utilize handwritten fonts and live stamps on our letters which maximizes the chance that a prospective seller will notice your quality letters when they check their mail. 

Real Estate Letters that Get Listings

Our real estate letter templates are designed to convert homeowners into listings. They include strong calls to action and are pre-written yet able to be edited rapidly inside of our Express Editor.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear About These Results With Wise Pelican

Whether it’s a 100% Response Rate or a 330% ROI, the Case Studies below demonstrate how postcards are a great way to generate leads and sales.

Incredibly Effective Direct Mail Product Suite


 Our stunning postcards are Jumbo 6x9, High Gloss, and Full Color on both sides. They are designed to be high converting to get you the maximum response rate. Use our Express Editor to customize one of our stunning templates or upload your own design. Additionally, take advantage of additional features, including automated seller valuations, to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Rea Estate Postcards Direct Mail


Our letters can be printed on one or both sides using durable 24# paper. Our express editor lets you customize our pre-designed templates or go all out with a custom design. Once your letter is ready, we insert it into #10 envelope, giving it that charming handwritten look for both the address and return address. Finally, we affix a live standard class stamp and have them mailed!

Real Estate Letters Direct Mail


If you're aiming for the ultimate return on your marketing campaign, incorporating brochures is an absolute must. Wise Pelican's impressive brochures, measuring a substantial 11 x 17 inches, are printed in full color on durable, high-gloss cover stock and folded in half. Their size and quality make them truly eye-catching, ensuring they stand out even in the most crowded mailboxes. 

Real estate brochures direct mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include postage?

Yes, all letters include standard class postage. First class can be purchased for a charge

Am I responsible for mailing the Letters?

No, that is a service that is included with the letters price.

Can I have all of the letters mailed to me?

Although it is not recommended, we do offer bulk mailing your letters directly to you. Contact Us for more information..

What size are the Letters?

We mail 8.5" wide x 11" high letters.

Do you offer Custom Template Designs?

Yes, we can create a custom letter design for just $79.

Can I use my own design?

Yes! Contact Us for more information.

Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes we do! You can create a custom mailing list based on the radius around an address, by selecting subdivisions, or by drawing a polygon on a map. The price for each address is 10¢.

Access the tool by clicking here.