REALTOR Reviews: A Powerful Tool

Building trust as an expert is important in any industry, but it’s even more important for real estate agents and teams. Buying or selling a home is usually the most expensive transaction most people will experience in their lifetimes, and when they hire an agent, they want to feel like their best interests are being handled by a professional.

This is why REALTOR reviews, also known as client testimonials, are so powerful. If you have the right type of review, it can establish you as a true expert within your direct mail target audience.

realtor reviews
realtor reviews

How to Obtain Client Testimonials

There are a variety of effective ways to gain client testimonials, but the easiest way is to ask your past clients. Send them an email asking them if they could write a short statement about what they liked about their experience with you as their real estate agent. You could also leave them a questionnaire for a handwritten testimonial, then ask permission to use it for your marketing efforts.

The type of REALTOR reviews you receive matters as well. Since we want to focus on obtaining listing clients with our direct mail campaigns, it’s best to focus on listing clients for testimonials. This doesn’t mean that buyer-client testimonials don’t have their place in a marketing strategy. Buyer client testimonials are ideal for social media posts, one of your Facebook Groups, or adding to a sidebar feed on your website. 

When reaching out to past clients for testimonials, it’s essential to ensure your message is well-thought-out. Personalization can significantly impact the response rate. Tailor your email to each client, reminding them of the specific property you helped them with and any unique aspects of their transaction. This not only demonstrates that you value their individual experience but also facilitates their ability to recall and share positive memories.

For handwritten testimonials, provide a questionnaire that prompts clients to reflect on their experience comprehensively. Pose questions about their initial impression of your services, the communication throughout the process, and the ultimate outcome of their transaction. This structured approach can help elicit detailed and insightful responses that showcase the full extent of your value as a real estate agent.

Once you’ve collected testimonials, always seek permission to use them in your marketing materials. Respect your clients’ privacy and autonomy by ensuring they’re comfortable with their words being shared publicly. Additionally, offer clients the option to remain anonymous if they prefer not to have their full name associated with the testimonial.

When leveraging testimonials for direct mail campaigns aimed at listing clients, focus on showcasing feedback from sellers who have benefited from your expertise in selling properties. Highlight aspects such as your strategic pricing strategies, effective marketing techniques, and negotiation skills that led to successful sales. This targeted approach reinforces your credibility and establishes trust with potential listing clients.

While listing client testimonials is prioritized for direct mail campaigns, don’t overlook the value of buyer client testimonials in other marketing channels. Share these testimonials on social media platforms like Facebook, where they can resonate with potential buyers and showcase your track record of helping clients find their dream homes. Incorporating testimonials into your website’s sidebar feed provides ongoing credibility and reassurance to visitors exploring your services.

By diversifying the platforms and types of testimonials you share, you create a comprehensive and compelling narrative of your expertise and client satisfaction, strengthening your brand presence in the competitive real estate market.

Once you have a few client testimonials, which one should you use? Here are some of the most important features to look for in a client testimonial.

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What to Look for In REALTOR Reviews

Extreme Gratitude: When the reader sees your client testimonial, it should be immediately evident that the client is thankful for your services. They should be gushing about how amazing you are, how you helped them with every step of the process, and how you protected their interests.

Solved a Unique Problem: If a client has a bad experience with an agent, it’s usually because a unique problem arose that an agent couldn’t handle. If there was a unique situation that arose that you helped them solve, that is pure gold.

“Highly Recommended,” Anyone who has answered a survey has almost universally seen this question: “How likely are you to recommend our service to someone else?” Make sure a sentence is dedicated to your services is highly recommended.

In client testimonials, genuine gratitude should shine through each word. Clients should express their heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional service, detailing how you supported them comprehensively and ensured their interests were protected at all times.

Additionally, highlight instances where you solved unique problems for clients. Such examples demonstrate your ability to adapt and excel in challenging situations, reinforcing your reputation as a dependable REALTOR.


Bonus Features of REALTOR Reviews

If your REALTOR reviews have those three features, you have the makings of an amazing client testimonial for you to use in direct mail and social media. However, there are some elements that can take your testimonial from Great to Outstanding!

  • High-Status Client: High status doesn’t necessarily mean “celebrity.” In fact, a celebrity endorsement could look like a paid advertisement. By high status, we are referring to someone who holds an esteemed level of status with the community of your target audience. 

For example, if the owner of a popular local bakery lists and sells their home with you, that is someone other people in your neighborhood (likely) know on a first-name basis. The same can be said for a neighborhood watch committee member, an active church volunteer, or a local celebrity like a news anchor or journalist. 

If people in your target audience know the person in your testimonial, that can give your marketing campaign an extra boost.

Your best new clients are often your old clients. The perfect example of a repeat customer is a buyer client who sells their home a few years later and remembers to call you. A message about how their first and second experiences were equally great would be an amazing touch to a client testimonial.

But let’s dive deeper. Another aspect that can enhance your testimonials is specificity. Encourage clients to provide detailed anecdotes about their experiences. Whether it’s a challenging negotiation you expertly handled or the extra mile you went to ensure their needs were met, specificity adds depth and credibility to testimonials.

Visual elements can significantly enhance the impact of your testimonials. Consider including photos of the clients alongside their testimonials, which will add a personal touch and make the testimonials more relatable to potential clients.

Testimonial videos can be incredibly powerful. Seeing and hearing satisfied clients speak candidly about their experience with you can be highly persuasive for prospective clients. Consider incorporating video testimonials into your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Lastly, social proof can further strengthen the credibility of your testimonials. Include metrics such as the number of successful transactions or years of experience alongside the testimonials to reinforce your expertise and reliability as a real estate agent.

By incorporating these additional elements into your testimonials, you can elevate them from great to outstanding, capturing the attention and trust of potential clients in your target market.

How to Use Client Testimonials

Once you have a client testimonial worth using for direct mail, make sure your target audience knows about it. Create an email blast and social media posts, and include the testimonial in your postcards. 

In regards to direct mail, ramp up your frequency and focus your mailings on the subdivision and neighborhood where the client testimonial came from. An assertive direct mail marketing strategy, combined with the ideal client testimonial, will maximize your opportunity to grow your business.

Once you have a client testimonial worth using for direct mail, make sure your target audience knows about it. Create an email blast and social media posts, and include the testimonial in your postcards.

In regards to direct mail, ramp up your frequency and focus your mailings on the subdivision and neighborhood where the client testimonial came from. An assertive marketing strategy, combined with the ideal client testimonial, will maximize your opportunity to grow your business.

After acquiring a compelling client testimonial suitable for direct mail, it’s crucial to ensure your target audience is aware of its existence. Utilize various communication channels to amplify the impact of your testimonial and reach a broader audience.

Begin by drafting an impactful email blast to your client database, highlighting the glowing testimonial and its significance. Develop a captivating subject line that prompts recipients to open the email and prominently features the testimonial within the content. Encourage recipients to engage further by sharing the testimonial with their networks or reaching out to you for their real estate needs.

Harness the power of social media platforms to amplify your testimonial’s reach. Create engaging posts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, showcasing the testimonial alongside captivating visuals or videos. Encourage your followers to interact with the post by liking, commenting, and sharing it with their own networks, thereby extending its reach and impact.

Incorporate the testimonial into your direct mail campaigns by prominently featuring it in your postcards. Design visually appealing layouts that draw attention to the testimonial and its accompanying message. Consider personalizing the postcards for recipients in the subdivision or neighborhood where the client testimonial originated, enhancing its relevance and resonance with the target audience.

Regarding direct mail, increase the frequency of your mailings and concentrate them on the subdivision and neighborhood where the client testimonial originated. An assertive marketing approach, coupled with the perfect client testimonial, will maximize your chances of expanding your business reach and attracting new clients.

By consistently reaching out to prospects in the area with compelling testimonials, you solidify your position as the preferred real estate agent in the community. This effectively attracts new clients and strengthens business growth.

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Have REALTOR Reviews Helped You?

How have client testimonials helped your business? What do you look for in a client testimonial, and how do you implement them in your direct marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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