How to Create a Listing Presentation that Generates Listings

At some point during your Direct Mail campaign, the phone is going to ring with a prospective client on the other end who’s interested in selling their home. In a previous post, we shared some of our top tips for Successfully Following Up with Real Estate Leads. In this post, we will bridge the gap between getting that phone call, and converting your lead into a listing with a winning listing presentation.

What is a Listing Presentation?

In real estate, a listing presentation demonstrates everything you will do and utilize to market and sell a prospective client’s home. The listing presentation itself can be in print form, like a real estate brochure, or in PDF form.

Regardless of its format, the listing presentation goes a long way in determining whether a client will make the decision to sign a listing agreement with you or another agent. If you are an agent in a competitive  market, how do you differentiate yourself as an expert real estate agent?

What’s in a Great Listing Presentation?

A great listing presentation boils down to your Value Proposition: demonstrating your expertise, and what you can offer them compared to another real estate agent or team. Here are a few tips that can help you create the best possible listing presentation for your clients.

Proof of Production

Demonstrating expertise to prospective listing clients comes down to proof of production and experience in their industry. When it comes to real estate, the Gold Standard of proof comes in the form of listing (and closing) a home in the same subdivision.

If your listing presentation takes place within your real estate farm, there is a strong chance they are responding to one of your postcard marketing campaigns. Therefore, your presentation should be a more in-depth version of the information you’ve been sending.

Here are some examples of the sections to include to make your listing presentation the best it can be.

A Short Bio

Unless you have an About Me page on your website or social media page, they may not know much about your experience in the industry or who you are.

Your bio should be kept to the basics:

  • How long you have been in the industry;
  • Your ties to the area;
  • Why you love selling real estate;
  • Any relevant certifications or designations

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Marketing Tactics for Listing Homes

There are two distinct avenues when it comes to marketing a home for sale: methods used by every real estate agent, and methods you use.

The latter avenue is where savvy real estate agents demonstrate their unique value proposition, setting themselves apart from other Realtors in the area.

For example, any real estate agent can list a home on their region’s MLS, and put a For Sale Sign on the front lawn. 

Going above and beyond, and being willing to spend money on their behalf, is where great real estate agents separate themselves from the average. Notable marketing offerings include:

  • A substaintial database of buyer contacts.
  • An extensive list of vendors that can help them get their home ready for showings.
  • Hiring a professional photographer to take photos that will go on the MLS and additional real estate marketing materials.
  • Hosting Open Houses (you’d be amazed at how many real estate agents dislike hosting them).
  • Video and Virtual Tours

This is by no means an extensive list, but the more value you can offer to a listing client, the more likely they will choose you as their agent.

Do Your Homework and Double-Check

One of the reasons you send postcards and market to a particular area is because you know the area, and consider yourself an expert within a specific community. However, has anything changed since you started your farming campaign? Has turnover or the average sale price dipped or spiked in the last few weeks or months? 

Doing your homework also applies to your clients themselves. Thanks to search engines or social media, 

By doing your homework ahead of time, you avoid the possibility of contradicting yourself during your presentation.

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Professional Image is a Must

Presenting a professional image is important during every step of the real estate transaction and organization will set you free. Let’s compare two real estate agents:

  • Agent Alpha: Agent prepares a clean, colorful, and professional listing presentation via PowerPoint, and brings at least two (2) tablets with the slideshow uploaded for convenient viewing.
  • Agent Beta: Agent brings a stack of loose leaf documents, printed in gray-scale or black and white, with grainy images and graphs.

Agent Beta may be the greatest salesperson in the world, but taking the extra time to create a professional image for your presentation improves your chances of gaining your prospective client’s trust and attention.

Provide Valuable Information

Once you have established yourself as a real estate agent who knows how to convert listings, your listing presentation should shift its focus into your prospective client’s specific needs. The best way to provide this information is through graphs, charts, and other pertinent statistics regarding their home.

As you go through the various data points, make sure to make eye contact, and read their reactions. If they interject, stop talking and listen carefully. It’s incredibly easy to stay in sales mode, and if you make your prospective client(s) feel like you’re not listening, you reduce your chances of earning a listing. 

Be Honest

The most important reasons to provide your clients with cold, hard facts in your presentation are transparency and honesty. Savvy real estate agents have encountered numerous prospects who think their home is worth more than what the market dictates.

Since honesty is the key to building any relationship, the worst thing you can do is provide false hope that you can sell their home for more than the market norm. Even if they choose to go with a different agent, there will always be another opportunity.

Final Touches

At the end, ask them if they have any questions. If you presented a slideshow on a tablet, offer to email the presentation to them. You can also offer to add them to your email list, and let them know that you will follow up in the near future. 

When you hop into your car, take a few moments to think about how you did. Open up the voice recorder on your smartphone, and if you have any thoughts or notes regarding your presentation. These notes can help you with future listings, and help you polish your skills.

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Follow-Up and Feedback

You’ve given it your all, and now it is up to your prospects to make a decision. A gentle thank-you email is a nice touch, and will demonstrate your enthusiasm for helping them sell their home. 

If they opt for a different agent, don’t take it personally. Instead, ask them for feedback on how you did with your presentation. This will not only help you improve your skills, but could also set you up for future listings, especially if the agent they chose doesn’t deliver.

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