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Finding the right source for your marketing materials can be a game-changer. This is especially true for direct mail campaigns After all, time is money, and the simpler the process is to print and mail postcards to your real estate farm, the more time you will have to focus on other parts of your business.

Many real estate agents opt to have their real estate marketing materials produced by a local printing company.  Supporting a local business is never a bad thing, and the turnaround times are often superior for items like Open House signs and business cards.

However, printing and mailing postcards involves many other steps. In this post, we will look at how Wise Pelican’s service compares to a local printing company.

Local Postcard Printing Services

Unless your local printing company offers pre-designed templates, the process begins with graphic design. Most print shops should offer design services, or you could find a designer in your area or online.

Once a design is decided on, the next step is to order your postcards. Once they have been printed, postage must be paid, and the postcards need to be delivered. The process of printing and mailing postcards will be repeated each time, and if you want to update or create a new postcard template, the full process will be repeated.

Pros of Local Postcard Printing Services

Although the process of generating real estate postcards with a local print shop can be time-consuming, there are still some benefits for REALTORs. Here are some examples:

Supporting Local Business

Being active in the local economy is a great way for top-producing real estate agents to demonstrate a personal investment in local business and the community. Printing your mailers and brochures with a local printer keeps them in business, and sharing your experience on social media and with your clients and colleagues helps you grow your Sphere of Influence.

Keeps all your Marketing Needs with One Entity

 Postcards are just one aspect of the marketing materials real estate agents use in their daily life. Sticking with a local printing company keeps everything under one roof. Plus, as you do more business with them, they get to learn more about your preferences, which means a closer relationship and better client experience.

Potential Pitfalls Mailing Postcards from a Local Printer

Here are some of the cons to utilizing local printers for your postcards

Time-Consuming Process

When you combine design, format, postage, and pickup and delivery, the entire process can take hours per month. It may not seem like much, but a few hours a month over the course of a 12-month postcard campaign can add up.

The process of going to the post office’s physical location is often repetitive as well; few can get all the work done in one trip.

High-Quality Design Work Can be Expensive

Designing a template may come at a considerable cost. The total design cost adds up quickly once you factor in revisions and last-minute style changes. Consider the fact that real estate agents will often require several templates. Common postcard templates for real estate include Just Listed postcards, Just Sold postcards, and Market Update postcards.

Each template might take a revision or two before the final template is finalized. Cutting down on the design cost is essential. This is why using online templates from Pelican Wise can be such a great option. 

Local Printers May Have Minimum Order Requirements

Bulk prices can lower the total cost of sending real estate postcards for your next campaign. However, this option might require that the person placing the bulk order purchase a minimum number of postcards. This is a serious drawback if the number of postcards you need falls well under the minimum bulk order. 

For example, if you need real estate farming postcards for an area of 150 homes, and the order minimum required for a local printer is 250 postcards, you will either have to pay a premium to print a smaller quantity, or mail to an additional 100 homes. Unless those 100 homeowners are located in the same subdivision or neighborhood, they may not even care about the information you provide.

Either option results in extra costs and unnecessarily  adds to your expenses.

Mailing Postcards with Wise Pelican

Instead of wasting time, effort, and money on revisions and numerous trips to a print shop and the post office, Wise Pelican offers a simple solution that can be done from your computer in less than 30 minutes. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits offered by Wise Pelican for real estate agents.

Pre-Made Postcard Printing Templates Save You Time

We offer hundreds of easy-to-customize templates designed with the busy real estate agent in mind. Instead of spending hours tediously designing a real estate postcard, you can simply swap out the postcard info with your own contact info, drag and drop your headshot and listing images, and you’re done.

Most of Wise Pelican’s clients opt to use our postcard templates, and have them ready to mail in 15 minutes. The extra time saved can be utilized in more effective ways, including lead follow-up, scheduling listing presentations, or just taking some time to yourself. Keep track of the costs of your business when considering how to most efficiently use your time.

No Minimum Order Requirements

The minimum order requirement is a common pitfall when using EDDM or other local delivery services. Placing bulk orders can be beneficial, but it’s not always necessary. Do you need to send just 10 postcards to your Sphere of Influence? You can do so for the same price it would cost to send 100 or event 1000 postcards.

Postcards Designed for Realtors, by Realtors

Wise Pelican postcards are effective, and the proof is in the thousands of real estate agents across the country who trust our service to deliver their messages to potential clients. In fact, Wise Pelican was founded by a top-producing real estate team in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the postcard templates they offer are inspired by the postcards the mail to prospects on a consistent basis.

What are the signs of a strong REALTOR postcard?

  • A jumbo-sized postcard that stands out in a mailbox.
  • Full-color postcards with a professional design.
  • Relevant information that demonstrates expertise.

By combining these elements, Wise Pelican offers an amazing product that has the busy, ambitious real estate agent in mind.

Flat-Rate Pricing, Postcard Printing

Flat rates can be helpful when placing your order for real estate postcards. There are many aspects of your business that require your attention, so worrying about maximizing your postcard mailing order shouldn’t be one of them. A flat rate pricing system allows you to control your budget for postcard marketing. This can be an effective strategy for managing your marketing campaign on a tight budget. Consider the benefits of flat race pricing before placing your next order with Wise Pelican.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Reaching the right audience is crucial to success in real estate prospecting, which is why target mailing lists can make a huge difference for direct mail. If you do not have a mailing list for your real estate farm, we can provide you with one for just 10 cents per address.

The best part? You can target a specific radius, or just draw a polygon around the exact area you want to mail to.

Postage and Mailing Included

Not only does Wise Pelican offer flat-rate pricing, the price also includes postage and mailing. Your postcards will print with a prepaid postage imprint, and our team delivers your mailings to the Post Office.

When you combine our no minimum order requirement, flat-rate pricing, and pre-designed postcard templates, it’s easy to see why Wise Pelican offers real estate postcards that work.


Ordering postcard printing services was a laborious process in the past. The number of steps involved were time-consuming, and the cost of travel and postage increased the total price tag. However, the Internet allows us to offer an alternative to these cumbersome steps. Just sign into your account, and pick a starter template. update the info, add your mailing list, pay, and you’re done. 

Additionally, if you prefer to have a custom template designed, we can do so for just $79, which is by far the best postcard design value available.

Local companies might seem like the natural choice, but consider all of the benefits of ordering online with Wise Pelican. Display your latest listings on these postcards, and reduce the amount of time and money needed to launch successful postcard marketing campaigns. These savings will enable you to get into the habit of sending out bulk postcards for holidays and other notable dates. Contact the experts on Wise Pelican with any questions you have about the process.

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