How to Get Listings in Real Estate: Say Happy Mother’s Day

Connecting with new clients and staying in touch with established contacts requires regular effort and the perfect touch of finesse. After all, you want to take full advantage of every marketing opportunity available without being overly pushy or bothersome.

One great way to add meaning and thoughtfulness to your marketing efforts is to send a holiday greeting from time to time. Mother’s Day is an especially meaningful holiday for many people, and a Mother’s Day postcard may be a wonderful way to reach out to new and established contacts.

How to Get Listings in Real Estate: Create a Mother’s Day Postcard Campaign

Mother’s Day is a time to honor the woman or women who have nurtured you over the years. The holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday each May. Because of this, the holiday is associated with feelings of care, compassion and warmth. As a real estate agent, these are crucial sentiments that you can convey through Mother’s Day postcards. However, there are other reasons to create a postcard campaign for the upcoming holiday.

Nurture Your Farm

Each marketing postcard that you send to your farm community should be professional and unique. After you send out a few postcards, however, you may find yourself running low on unique ways to stay in front of your farm.

Mother’s Day presents you with the opportunity to create a truly unique message that stands out from the others that you are sending throughout the rest of the year. Because of its uniqueness, it can keep your efforts fresher and more interesting for your recipients.

Create a Connection

A holiday gives you the chance to connect with your audience on a deeper and more personal level. Through a Mother’s Day postcard, you are able to express the emotion of the day while also paying tribute to the many mothers who may be included in your farm community.

When this is combined with the service and education that you may deliver through your other postcards throughout the year, you can elevate the level of your connection with your farm community members even before they reach out to you for the first time.

Stay in Touch

Staying in touch with previous clients is just as important for marketing purposes as farming is. A Mother’s Day postcard to your previous clients gives you the chance to stay in touch. At the same time, it reinforces the connection that you established while serving them previously.

What Is Involved in a Mother’s Day Postcard Campaign?

You can see that sending out Mother’s Day postcards is a smart idea, but what is involved in creating a campaign? As a busy real estate agent, you have a limited amount of time available to invest in your marketing efforts.

The good news is that crafting a Mother’s Day postcard marketing campaign is simpler than you might think, and it doesn’t require as much time as you may expect. Now, let’s dive into how to get listings in real estate while efficiently managing your marketing efforts.

The first thing that you should do when preparing this type of marketing campaign is to craft your message. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to make an emotional connection and to display your respect for motherhood. However, you also should still maintain a high level of professionalism.

The good news is that you do not necessarily need to recreate the wheel as you prepare to send out postcards for the upcoming holiday. Instead, consider looking at some of the greetings that have been used on other postcards. There are also several Mother’s Day marketing campaigns to draw from.

You may use those messages word-for-word, or you can tailor them to express your individuality and your brand’s image.

Prepare a Brand-Appropriate Design

After you have created a meaningful message that is appropriate for Mother’s Day, you need to design a postcard. The best design is one that supports your brand’s image. In addition to maintaining a level of professionalism, the design should speak to traits like trust, honesty or other areas that you have developed with your other marketing activities.

It also should appeal to your target audience and visually convey the meaning of the holiday. Consider, for example, that the design you select for Millennials may be significantly different than the design that would be most effective for Baby Boomers.

Who to Send Mother’s Day Postcards To

The success of your Mother’s Day postcards campaign is directly related to the recipients who you choose to send the mailers to. You should have your recipients in mind before you start developing a postcard message and design.

Ideally, the postcard will support your marketing efforts while speaking directly to the audience in a meaningful way. Who are some of the groups to consider sending your Mother’s Day postcards to?

Your Farm Community

Have you been working hard to farm a specific neighborhood or community in your area? Best practice involves staying in front of your farm with regular touches roughly every four-to-six weeks. Simply work a holiday-themed postcard into your overall marketing plan.

When all of your postcards cover open house announcements, new listing announcements and market stats, it may be easy for your community to tune out. A Mother’s Day postcard is the perfect way to shake things up. If you have not yet started to geo farm an area, a Mother’s Day message could be a wonderful way to get the ball rolling.

Established and Previous Clients

You understandably do not want to send your established and previous clients all of your marketing postcards. After all, someone who just bought a house through you may not be in the market for a new house for several years or longer.

However, a holiday postcard allows you to stay in touch with a special greeting. When you send one of these postcards to your list of established and previous clients, you are reconnecting and reminding them gently that you are still their trusted real estate agent. In a sense, it maintains a relationship that you worked so hard to establish.

Where to Send Mother’s Day Postcards

You may already have a clear idea of who you’d like to send your Mother’s Day postcards to, but obtaining their addresses might initially seem daunting. Fortunately, there are numerous avenues for gathering addresses for your target audience. What key strategies should you consider when acquiring addresses for your postcard marketing campaigns? Let’s explore, alongside insights on how to get listings in real estate effectively.

Purchase a Mailing List

Perhaps the most convenient solution available is to purchase a mailing list. Your postcard provider may sell a scrubbed, targeted mailing list that you can use to get started. This is a smart option to consider if you are a new real estate agent or if you have not yet established a farm.

It can also be effective if you want to expand into a new market or if your current mailing list may be old and outdated. One of the great things about buying a mailing list is that it will have current data that may be extracted from the postal service or tax records. Keep in mind that you could build your own list from scratch using tax records, but this is labor-intensive and tedious work.

Use Your Own List

Many real estate agents already have a mailing list or two that they want to focus their attention on. For example, you may have a farm community that you have been nurturing over the last few years.

Using your own list is a great option as long as you have taken the initiative to keep it updated. The most effective mailers are personalized with the recipients’ names. If you have not updated your list recently, it makes sense to spend time updating it now or to invest in a new list for that area.

You can also use your own list to connect with previous and current clients in this way. If you have not already done so, simply go back through all of your old transactions. After you extract the contact information for these individuals, you can simply spend a few minutes each week updating the list with your latest contacts. This ensures that you always have a current list to work with.

When to Send Mother’s Day Postcards

The last thing that you want is for your recipients to receive your Mother’s Day postcards after the holiday has passed. At the same time, you do not want your postcards to arrive weeks before the holiday.

After all, many people do not even begin to think about Mother’s Day until they flip their calendar to the month of May. With this in mind, when is the best time to drop your holiday postcards in the mailbox?

The Importance of a Timely Delivery

Buyers and sellers hold their real estate agents to high standards. They expect your expertise, professionalism and punctuality to shine through at all times. These are traits that are critical to the success of a real estate transaction.

Whether your Mother’s Day postcards will be the first touch your recipients receive from you or they are an extension of ongoing marketing efforts, you need to convey the image that they expect.

The design and messaging of the postcard go a long way toward conveying these traits, but timeliness can quickly strip them away. Consider that a recipient may spend more time questioning why you sent your postcard so early or late than actually absorbing the message.

The Need for Adequate Processing and Delivery Time

The sweet spot for the delivery of your postcards is the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Because Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, you should spend the first week in May preparing your postcard design and message. This is also the time to update your mailing list.

However, if you are assembling a new list or if you have not updated your existing mailing list in months, it may be best to start working on that aspect of your campaign in early April or sooner. If you are using a professional printer to process the postcards, ensure that you comply with its deadlines.

Otherwise, if you are making your own postcards, plan to drop your postcards in the mail roughly seven to 10 days before the holiday to allow ample time for delivery. To avoid oversight, consider putting a reminder in your calendar a few weeks ahead of each Mother’s Day going forward.

How to Get Listings in Real Estate With a Mother’s Day Postcard Campaign

The benefits that real estate agents like you can enjoy when you send out Mother’s Day postcards are exceptional, but what is involved in the process? If you have been producing your own postcards for years and have a great mailing list, there may still be room to improve your process or to upgrade your postcards.

If you are new to postcard marketing, rest assured that the steps are easier to walk through than you may assume.

Choose Your Recipients

As a first step, identify who you want to send your postcards to. For most successful real estate agents, this will include established clients as well as your farm community. Then, assess the quality of your existing mailing list, and decide if it needs to be updated or completely upgraded with a fresh and current list.

You can work on assembling your list of recipients yourself, or you can use your postcard service provider’s list for a turnkey experience. Some of your postcards will be returned to you in the week or two after your mailing is sent. Use those returned postcards to update your mailing list. This will make it easier to complete your next postcard campaign.

Create Your Postcard

If you are a creative person, you may take pleasure in developing an innovative, captivating postcard design and message. For many real estate agents, however, there is not enough time or energy available to create a postcard from scratch. The good news is that there are many impressive designs available for you to choose from.

These designs may already have effective messages on them, and you can simply tweak the message to suit your brand and audience. When you rely on your postcard company for help with your mailing list and postcard design, you could potentially be able to cross this marketing to-do item off of your list within a few hours or less.

Explore Postcard Designs Today

Utilizing postcard marketing is an effective way to connect or reconnect with your target audience. With many postcard designs available for you to explore today, we make it easy for you to create your Mother’s Day postcards. Take a look at some of the many wonderful designs and messages available today to get started, all while incorporating strategies on how to get listings in real estate.

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