Fun Contests for Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are great for providing prospective clients with valuable information, but they can be fun, too. Plus, when you add the element of a contest and a prize, you have the makings of a fun postcard that will also generate leads. In this post, we will provide some popular options for creating fun contests with your postcards.

Drawing for a Drawing Postcard

One of the most simple ways to provide a fun postcard for your target audience is to simply leave a section blank for a drawing contest. For example, ask for a color sketch of someone in the community who they admire. It could be a fireman, nurse, a volunteer, or anyone they feel who deserves to be acknowledged.

Once their drawings are complete, the parents can take a photo or scan the finished artwork, then text or email the result to you. Since the drawings are geared towards a pillar in the community, the prize could be geared towards the individual who is being acknowledged. Examples include gift cards, care packages, or (in the case of non-profits) a donation to their organization.

Not only will this spark the creativity of your target audience, it will provide you an opportunity to give back to the community and be proactive

Coloring Contest Postcard

Instead of providing a blank slate, a coloring contest would utilize a template for recipients to color in. The concept for the coloring contest is similar to the drawing contest, but you could opt to provide the prize directly to the contestants. 

For example, you could provide gift cards to the top-3 or top-5 entrants. The gift cards could be generic (e.g. Visa), or bought directly from local businesses, particularly those who are struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Word Find Puzzle

Word puzzles have been around for generations, but since crossword puzzles can get a little tricky to design, word find puzzles are a great choice for a contest. Since postcards have limited space for these puzzles, you want to make them small and simple. 

You have plenty of options regarding the subject of the words for your puzzle as well. They can be about real estate, the current season, a particular festival in your area, or even about your favorite foods. Once your audience completes their puzzle, they can take a photo of the puzzle and text/email it to you to be entered into a drawing for the prize of your choice.

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