Effective Direct Mail Campaigns for Client Events

Client events provide a great opportunity to network, make friends, and generate leads for your real estate business. Aside from all of the planning and logistics involved in hosting a client event, the most important task is to ensure that plenty of people arrive. This is where effective direct mail campaigns can help.

Client Events Don’t Have to be Expensive

One of the biggest reasons business professionals avoid client events is the high associated costs. However, with a little planning, you can minimize (or completely eliminate) the total cost for you and your team.

Effective direct mail campaigns can complement events like a Holiday-themed client event. For example, Santa can make an appearance and take pictures with the kids, each team member can provide a beverage or snack, and a sound bar connected via Bluetooth can provide holiday music.

A holiday-themed client event can be held at your office or at a team member’s home (provided they have the space). For the cost of a Santa suit, some snacks/drinks, and photo printing, you can throw a warm, inviting client event.

Also, don’t forget about your vendors. Mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and insurance agents all count on you to generate sales and business for them. For a small sponsorship fee, they can get their name announced throughout the event. When you generate a listing or buyer’s agreement, their small investment can easily be returned ten-fold.

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Use Effective Direct Mail Campaigns to Create Incentive

Since most of the people who will be attending the event will be in your database, direct mail (along with paid ads) will help you reach prospective clients outside of your sphere. 

One of the most effective ways to attract people to your client event, especially if they don’t know you, is to provide some type of incentive for them to add your event to their schedule. Using our above example, the incentive for parents is to have an opportunity to get pictures of their children with Santa Claus without the hassle of waiting in line at the mall.

If your client event doesn’t involve a free perk, another tactic you could use is offering a giveaway or a drawing for a prize, like a Visa Gift Card. 

To enter the contest, attendees could fill out a form with their information and three simple Yes or No checkboxes about whether they are planning on buying a home, selling a home, or plan any renovations (referrals to your vendors can work the other way, too) in the near future. In exchange for filling out the form, they will receive a raffle ticket for the giveaway.

Then, you can add the additional incentive that if they check into the client event on Facebook, or arrive at the event with postcard about the event, they will receive an extra raffle ticket.

Once you draw the winning ticket, ask permission if you and your team can take a picture with the winner, which will provide a nice photo to post on your social media channels.

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Follow Up

If your client event attendees consisted of both old clients and new prospects, the forms they filled out will be useful either way. New clients can be added to your client list, and old clients may have provided a new phone number, address, or email on the form, which you can update.

Lastly, once your database is updated, be sure to thank everyone for attending. Whether it’s through a mass text, email blast, or thank you cards, sending a personal “thank you” message to every attendee adds an extra touch point that your prospective clients will appreciate. 

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What Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Have You Experienced?

Have you used effective direct mail campaigns to successfully generate client event attendees and leads? What were the results like? Let us know in the comments below!

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