Facebook Changes To Know About

Every real estate agent should utilize social media, but how it is utilized will change in the near future, especially with the impending Facebook changes.

In this post, we will provide some more insight into these changes for Facebook and Instagram and how you can use them to your advantage in your overall marketing strategy.

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More Group-Centric Emphasis

Even before Facebook reached its height in popularity, most people focused on their News Feed and being able to connect with individuals.

However, with the upcoming Facebook changes, the platform will be shifting its focus more and more into groups, introducing a completely new design. The categories of different groups will also expand to include Recommended Groups and Groups with Mutual Friends.

The opportunities for a group-focused Facebook platform can be a major benefit for your real estate business, as it allows you to connect with like-minded individuals in your community. In fact, you could be at the forefront of creating Groups for a specific neighborhood activity group, or join an existing group i.e. subdivision or HOA group that is within your Real Estate Farm.

There are at least two key benefits to being in several different Facebook Groups:

  1. Being at the forefront of these groups, or at least being a part of them, can further enhance your reputation as an expert in a specific community. 
  2. Instead of creating content for status updates, a group-centric social media platform could actually make it easier to reach the individuals and families in your target or custom audience.

More Emphasis on Events and Stories

A dedicated Events tab will make it incredibly easy to view the different events that are occurring both in your neighborhood and among your friends. Additionally, if you can see more Events, so can your prospective clients. 

Whenever you plan on hosting a Client Event, an Open House, or even a neighborhood block party, create a Facebook event and invite everyone with the click of a button.

Stories, which are posts that last 24 hours, has been a feature on Instagram for a while, but will now be integrated into Facebook.

In addition to Facebook Live, Stories allow you to engage with your audience in a variety of ways, including live streams of an open house, webinars, Q and As, and polls. By actively engaging with your Facebook friends, followers, and group connections, you can learn a great deal about what they are interested in.

Even if it’s not real-estate related, if you are a true source of information in a community, you can connect people with problems to people with solutions. And you never know how those connections can blossom over the course of your career.

Facebook Changes Will Emphasis on Messenger and CRM Integration

As real estate agents grow, automation becomes a necessity in order to scale effectively. Facebook’s chat box feature allows business to set up automated replies to messages received through their Messenger app. 

In addition to automatic replies the chat box also allows you to create an interactive FAQ, where users can select from one of your Frequently Asked Questions and receive an answer in real-time.

One of the big Facebook changes is the ability to book clients on the app, which can be integrated into your CRM as long as it is compatible. The more you can leverage these tools to work for you, combined with your direct mail marketing campaign, the more you can focus on the important business of closing real estate transactions!

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Share What Facebook Changes You Will Use to Grow

What new Facebook/Instagram features are you most excited about? How do you plan on using these features to grow your real estate business? Let us know in the comments below. 

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