How Print-on-Demand Direct Mail is Changing How Businesses Do Marketing

Compared to the Printing Press pictured above, the ability to share information with people has improved dramatically.

Direct mail, and direct marketing as we know it, has been around for over a hundred years. On a near-daily basis, we all receive a variety of direct mail from a variety of different businesses, including grocery ads, coupons for oil changes, and more special offers than you could ever put to use. Although the overall model of direct marketing has changed very little, its accessibility to more businesses and entrepreneurs has changed dramatically.

The catalyst behind this shift is the availability of Print-On-Demand direct mail services. Similar to the Print-on-Demand publishing service offered by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Print-On-Demand Direct Marketing opens the opportunity for every real estate agent to reach their target audiences, no matter how small their mailing lists may be.

In this blog post, we will provide more details on why this shift is great for your real estate business, and the ways you can take advantage of it.

The Before and After of Direct Mail 

Turn back the clock to twenty years ago, and the marketing landscape was incredibly different: Yahoo and AOL ruled the still-evolving internet world, and the Yellow Pages were still in publication. 

Direct mail was arguably the most effective tool to reach local customers, but not everyone could utilize this effectively. For example, digital and color printing was expensive (compared to today), and clients often needed a minimum order requirement before the could even start an order.

This might have been cost-effective for an established real estate agency, but for the vast majority of agents and agencies getting started, the cost of entry was simply too steep.

Fast-forward to the world of digital, freelance, and Print-On-Demand. Now, instead of having to pay an ad agency or brick-and-mortar design firm to create a beautiful, online companies and graphic designers all over the world provide easy-to-customize templates, or custom designs. Additionally, many of these options are either free, or can be purchased on platforms like Fiverr for under $20.

While these innovations are vital to making direct mail more accessible, the most important change in direct mail over the last 20 years is the incredible scalability today’s Print-On-Demand offers. Real estate agents and teams don’t need to order 1,000 postcards at a time; instead, new agents can send 10 or 50 or 100 postcards to the specific area they have the most knowledge and experience with as they begin to build their client list. Agencies can split-test a variety of different designs and features of a postcard to ensure the results are there before ramping up their reach.

The world of Print-On-Demand direct mail opens up a whole new world to real estate agents, and provides a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses in every industry to create effective marketing campaigns.

We Want to Hear From You

Do you remember the days of direct mail in the early 2000s? Is there a specific aspect of the process that you are thrilled has changed? Let us know in the comments below!

Creating direct mail is incredibly simple nowadays. You can create a free account with no credit card to see how Wise Pelican works by clicking here.

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