The Barrett Group | Direct Mail Case Study

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, JoAnn Barrett has been a real estate agent since 2006. Check out the video to learn about how JoAnn has seen a 100-percent response rate and an average of 1 listing per month with her direct mail marketing efforts

JoAnn Barrett’s Start into Real Estate

When JoAnn entered the real estate industry in 2006, it was in the midst of rough economic times for the state of Michigan. Within her first few years, not only did the real estate market in Ann Arbor (and the rest of the country) collapsed, the auto industry took a severe hit as well.

Despite the bleak economic outlook in the area, JoAnn has become one of the successful real estate agents in Ann Arbor, and marketing is a major element of her success. With a mix of postcards and brochures, she was able to avoid the struggles of most real estate agents who get started in the business.

Direct Mail Response Rate for The Barrett Group

In addition to conversion rates, response rates for mailings are an important aspect of any direct mail campaign, especially in real estate. JoAnn and her team’s campaigns yield an incredible result: every time they send a mailing, they receive a call for a listing.

“One prospect called and said, ‘I saw your postcard. You sold the house down the street. I want to sell my house,” JoAnn said. With a real estate farm that consists of two neighborhoods, obtaining one listing per month results in an amazing ROI!

JoAnn’s Keys to Success with Direct Mail

While there are numerous ways to generate real estate leads – especially from a buyer’s perspective, generating listings is extremely straightforward. JoAnn was nice enough to share her most valuable insights from her experience.

You Must Give it Six Months

“You have got to give it six months. As painful as that is, have a six month period where you are sending out postcards, and the return is huge.”

This is a key point, as many real estate agents fail to give it enough time to generate listings from their efforts. In fact, in competitive markets, six months to a year is essential; however, the payoff is worth it.

Consistent Marketing is Key

JoAnn relied on her past experience of owning several toy stores, where consistent marketing was the key to success. The real estate industry is no different; consistency in direct mail is crucial to demonstrating expertise to your geographic farm, 

Get Started

“A great example of this is when you talk to an experienced Realtor: ‘You know, my clients who do everything I tell them to do get so much more money for their house.’ Well, the same applies to who’s doing your print advertising. They’re not going to be successful unless we’re all successful.

“All you have to do is contact Wise Pelican. They will tell you how to start. You just call them. Call them, do what they tell you to do. It’s that simple.”

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